Need for a Canadian campaign network to resist drones

May 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am not aware of a Canada-wide campaign network to examine the use of of drones (otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles, UAV) as of  April, 2012.

This blog is an attempt to coalesce those groups and individuals in Canada who are concerned about the introduction of drones into Canada for military, security, and civilian purposes. Especially of concern is the current proposal by the Canadian government to purchase drones, perhaps armed drones, for the Canadian military.

Drone concern networks exist in the US and in the UK.

Drones, or UAVs, (also known by an array of acronyms and synonyms) are expanding rapidly as a tool by the military and security industries and grave concerns exist about safety, ethical issues, privacy, and a range of other issues.

These concerns relate to the following:

1. Deep ethical concerns about world wide drones use. The US, UK, and Israel all operate armed drone programmes that target individuals for assassination in violation of international law.

2. Use of drones domestically for surveillance in Canada raises grave concerns about privacy.

3. Use of drones by the USA and perhaps other countries along our international borders raises issues of sovereignty and privacy for Canadians.

4. Drones crash at a very high rate. The introduction of large drones into civilian air space is a safety concern.

5. Several companies producing drones are implicated in violations of human rights and are associated with regimes maintaining illegal or questionable occupations of foreign countries.





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